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The Kingdom Hearts Universe Setting is the most integral part of the KHUniverse Wiki. While the wiki encourages independent story-telling and collaborative roleplaying alike, due to the nature of the canon Kingdom Hearts plot being extremely centered around specific events, the timeline and setting of the KHUniverse Wiki has been altered to accommodate for greater freedom.

The primary difference between KHUniverse and the canon Kingdom Hearts story is that the Keyblade War did not occur. Because the Foretellers managed to successfully avert the prophecy by the Master of Masters, Master Xehanort did not fall into an eventual obsession with fulfilling the prophecy and rewriting the world through bringing about the χ-blade and was thus a Master who searched for the reasons behind the existence of Light and Darkness as separate forces instead. Such events also meant that, after some time, Aqua, Terra and Ventus all became Keyblade Masters and Sora, Riku and Kairi became their apprentices.

Beyond ensuring that the canon-to-fanon characters had not suffered the same misfortunes as their canon counterparts did, the lack of elimination of Keyblade wielders through the war means they prospered over time as Guardians of the Light. Far greater numbers (although still somewhat rare) of Keyblade wielders exist and are scattered across numerous worlds and often act independently from each other.

It is here in which the eventual conflict will develop, however. With the existence of the Keyblade wielders being as prominent as it is, there will inevitably be those who interfere with the workings of worlds outside of their own. Those who do not possess this power of light may lust for it for their own desires. The Darkness is by no means completely eliminated, and the desire for power can quickly cause it to root in one's heart.

In a story of the conflict between Light and Darkness, just how will the Hearts of the people resist a power that will enable them to travel to, or perhaps conquer, never before seen worlds...?