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Drive Form

Drive Form




Doraivu Fōmu


Light and Dark


Keyblade Ability

Drive Form (ドライヴ・フォーム, Doraivu Fōmu) is a very rare ability granted to only a select number of individuals in the world. While not inherently exclusive to Keyblade wielders, it is apparent that those who are worthy of being chosen by the Keyblade have the tendency to wield this power.

It is a trademark ability of Sora, the current apprentice of Master Ventus.


The ability to accept hearts is a vital requirement for obtaining the ability to access Drive Forms. Although all Keyblade Masters possess the ability to extract hearts from themselves or others, very few individuals in the world possess the necessary characteristics to accept them. After all, to accept a heart means to unconditionally accept everything about a person. In accordance, there are remarkably few individuals who possess both the strength and kindness of a heart willing to accept and shoulder the burden of all.

Those who do possess this characteristic, however, are noted to hold incredible latent potential. This latent potential was later dubbed the Drive Form, for it was a power that “drove one’s hidden talent to its upper limits.” When in possession of clothing or other equipment that can naturally enhance one’s abilities, one must accept the heart of another individual while concentrating on the trait they choose to augment. The heart that is being accepted into the Drive Form wielder must be fully accepting of this decision before the temporary fusion is made. The consequence on the donator of the heart is that they are briefly rendered unconscious.

A consequence of this exchange, however, is a vast increase in an ability that both the recipient and donator share, whether this be Magic, physical ability, or otherwise. Drive Forms are temporary, regulated by the stress put upon the body and soul due to being empowered by two hearts, rather than a singular one. Although, to mitigate this stress, there is a reallocation of ability when accessing these forms, often sacrificing a portion of the opposite ability in favour for completely enhancing the intended skill.

Notably, those who accept hearts are also noted to be able to accept both the light and darkness of a person’s heart, as well as their own darkness. Overexertion of this form can lead to one’s darkness running out of control as it perceives a lust for power within the wielder. As such, one cannot foolhardily employ Drive Forms, and must only rely on said power when there is no other alternative to victory.

Notable Users


Although the Drive Form is a purely in-game mechanic that bears little bearing on the actual story, it has been converted into a form which is usable within a roleplaying situation if the correct situation arises.

Note, anyone who wishes to use the Drive Form ability must contact an administrator and thoroughly explain the character in question, especially the reasoning behind their acceptance of hearts, prior to being able to use this ability.