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Command Style

Command Style




Komando Sutairu


Light and Dark


Keyblade Ability

A Command Style (コマンド・スタイル, Komando Sutairu) is an ability accessible to those who have trained in the inner workings of the Keyblade for a significant period. Through harnessing the power to lock and unlock parts of themselves, they can vastly enhance specific skills they have gained over the course of their training by tapping into their own Light or Darkness.


A Command Style is an ability developed by a Keyblade wielder by unlocking the full power of a specific attribute they have gained an affinity towards. Through utilizing the power of their Keyblade directed towards their own Heart – the catalyst for their abilities – they are able to invigorate the ability that is most resonant with their being. They do so by unlocking the ability’s full potential and using their light or darkness to shroud their being in its power. Upon doing so, the individual is cloaked with an aura reflective of their most prominent traits, often being shown as a representative of their greatest elemental affinity in Magic and the most notable way they fight with their Keyblade – speed, power or intellect.

Rather than increasing the magnitude of their power, Command Styles are forms that alter the base combat style of a Keyblade wielder to match their desire. When enshrouded in this aura, their attacks may gain a specific element tailing off the end of their Keyblade, their movement style may change or the way their Keyblade is wielded may alter as well.

Command Styles can be utilized almost instantly with seasoned Keyblade wielders, only needing a moment of focus upon employing an ability their Hearts resonate with. They also consume far less stamina than Drive Forms, and are often dispelled after performing a powerful attack that embodies the trait they are maximizing to its zenith potential, known as a Finish Command (フィニッシュ・コマンド, Finisshu Komando).

While multiple Command Styles are possible, it is generally considered quite difficult to maintain a specialty in several different combat styles. Eventually, a Keyblade wielder – or Master – will likely choose one or two Command Styles that can best alter the situation to their advantage.